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Beat the Cold with Allmand Maxi-Heat 1M BTU Portable Power Heater

Cold weather isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous. Workers exposed to low temperatures over long periods of time perform poorly. Extreme cold can cause hypothermia, which can lead to confusion and disorientation. Single-digit temps can turn lube oils into sludge and cause metal parts to fracture.

Whether it’s temperature-critical outdoor operations or unheated buildings, warehouses, and shops, your best defense is a portable power heater like the new Maxi-Heat 1M BTU from Allmand. This towable, indirect-fired unit has two independent burners providing up to 1,000,000 BTUs of heat combined. The Maxi-Heat can easily transition from heating indoor spaces to warming equipment to curing concrete.

Allmand says the key customer feedback they addressed with the new model was noise. “We heard it was reliable and durable but it was also loud,” says Dave Jones with Allmand. In response, Allmand reduced the sound by 60%. 

“We see a lot of these on bridge projects in the winter when contractors are painting,” Jones says. “They tarp it off and continue to paint.”

The iQ system automatically calibrates each burner for reliable, consistent results and eliminates the trial-and-error combustion measurements and adjustments. Recirculation is standard on all Maxi-Heat products, resulting in increased efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Key features include an external control panel that allows you to adjust settings without opening the heater door and a centrifugal fan, which decreases noise and increases airflow efficiency.

Power options include a Cat C1.1 engine (13.8 horsepower) or a Kubota D1005 engine (11.6 horsepower). Run time is approximately 38 hours. For towing purposes, it uses a 2-5/16 -inch bulldog hitch. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 6,000 pounds. To pipe the heat indoors, duct flange outlets are offered in 12-, 16-, or 20-inch sizes.

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