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Mecalac Adds Telematics System

Any construction contractor who spends a lot of time in his truck from the office to jobsite visits, meetings with customers, suppliers and bid lettings — knows how hard it is to have a clear picture of where his equipment is, what it’s doing and how it is doing.

Mecalac, a manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment for urban environments now offers a fleet management solution to help. With the MyMecalac telematics program you can get high-level summaries, specific machine details, maintenance, inspection and damage notifications in real time almost anywhere.

Developed in partnership with Trackunit, and accessible through the web on MyMecalac.com, and mobile app, the system comes standard on all Mecalac excavators and loaders in North America. The onboard telematics box continuously communicates information to the web portal. Users simply login to the web portal or app to access all machine data in real-time.

The machine data shows users which machines are healthy, and which need immediate attention or will require service soon. From there, those using the service can zoom into a specific machine to see everything from fuel consumption and oil pressure to the current engine load and machine hours.

By analyzing the data, fleet managers can schedule downtime for refueling, maintenance and repairs rather than having these tasks interrupt project timelines and profitability. Additionally, after registering in the web portal, alerts can be set up to notify the user when maintenance is required or when a fault code appears.

With readily available fault codes, technicians can remotely diagnose machine issues. And if you’re worried about theft, MyMecalac’s alert feature also acts as a theft prevention tool by notifying the owner if the machine moves from a designated zone or operates outside of designated hours.

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