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How a Custom Outdoor Kitchen Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Backyard

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Builder can make an amazing addition to your backyard. It can be built in various ways, with many different features.

Popular choices include a masonry base that matches your home for a clean, unifying look. Other options include a dishwasher and garbage disposal for convenience. An outdoor refrigerator will also make entertaining a breeze.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Your custom outdoor kitchen is your space to cook, entertain, and enjoy a meal with family and friends. However, a poorly designed layout can make preparing and serving food to your guests difficult. To avoid this, you want an efficient kitchen layout that allows for easy movement and makes the most of your space.

A professional designer can help you determine the best layout for your space. They will take into account your cooking preferences, entertaining style, and how often you use the space. They will also take into consideration the size of your grill and other appliances, as well as how much counter space you would like.

To begin, your designer will create a floor plan of your proposed kitchen and mark where the different components will go. This will give you an idea of how large your kitchen will be, and it’ll allow you to see if there are any limitations or constraints to your design.

Once you’ve settled on a location and layout for your custom outdoor kitchen, you can begin to choose your materials. Durability is an important factor, especially since your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements. Allied will help you select premium, weather-resistant materials that will stand up to the elements and last for years to come. If you’re worried about upkeep, we can suggest durable stone veneer that looks just as good as real stone but requires less maintenance.

Another important consideration is how many people you’ll be hosting for your meals and parties. For larger groups, you’ll want a lot of counter space and seating. If you’re going to be hosting smaller parties, we may recommend a simple bar and grill setup.

If you’ll be serving beverages or eating at your outdoor kitchen, it’s also important to consider how you’ll lighting your space. A well-lit kitchen is more functional and inviting, so we recommend including a light over the dining area or sconces over the bar. This will keep your outdoor kitchen well-lit and allow you to easily transition from day to night.

Whether you’re looking to expand your cooking skills and culinary horizons with high-quality grills, specialty appliances, or abundant counter space for food prep, a custom outdoor kitchen will help you get the most out of your backyard. Our professional designers will assist you with the layout, materials, amenities, and seating/dining areas to create your ideal outdoor kitchen.

The most common appliance included in a custom outdoor kitchen is some type of gas grill. Stainless steel grills by are popular choices, but we also install a variety of other grill types including kamado, hibachi, and two-sided grills. Our team can also add a power burner, griddle, and oven to accommodate your specific cooking needs.

We have seen a growing trend in homeowners choosing to add ranges to their outdoor kitchens. This is a great way to cut down on the number of trips back and forth between the indoor kitchen and outdoor grill, or to cook dishes that are easier to prepare on a stovetop than on a grill – like soups and stews. Other options that can be added to your custom outdoor kitchen include smokers, pizza ovens, and two-sided grills.

Most custom outdoor kitchens will also include a sink and faucet. This will make it easy to rinse off dishes and utensils after each use and to wash up after cooking. Cabinetry is a popular feature in an outdoor kitchen as well, and it can be custom-built to accommodate your storage needs. Homeowners often choose to match the cabinets to their grill or countertops for a cohesive look.

Ventilation is another important element of any custom outdoor kitchen. If you opt to have a propane-powered grill, it is essential to incorporate a vent hood and island vents. Without these ventilation systems, your outdoor kitchen will quickly become a smoking mess and may even pose a safety hazard. It’s best to have these installed at the time of installation or during a remodel so that your contractors can run the necessary gas, water, and electricity lines for you.

When the sun sets and it’s time to cook or entertain after dark, your outdoor kitchen will need some lighting. There are many lighting options that can help set the mood and add functionality to your outdoor cooking space, including pendant lights that provide an elegant option for island areas or bars. These are also easy to integrate into a ceiling and can work well in spaces with overhead structures such as pergolas.

Overhead lights are important to illuminate your work area, ensuring you can see what you’re doing when grilling or prepping food. They can be positioned above the grill or next to the counters, and may include multiple lights on a single switch so you can turn them on as needed. Another option is to install task lighting, which is designed specifically to highlight tasks such as cutting zucchini or mixing cocktails. These can be mounted above the bar top or kitchen counter and are usually paired with dimmers for control of brightness.

You can also add lighting in other places in your outdoor kitchen where people gather to hang out and socialize. Table and floor lamps are an excellent way to light seating areas and can be incorporated into the design of lounge areas or dining tables for a more sophisticated look. You can even add them to the sides of a raised fire pit for an added touch of warmth.

If you’re looking for something a little more festive, consider LED candles. They are safe, offer an attractive glow, and can be used to illuminate seating areas or set the mood for social gatherings. You can also use them in lanterns for a more rustic or old-world feel. Just remember that these won’t be bright enough to serve as your main or primary lighting and are not a good choice for areas where you need to see clearly, such as walking areas or the underside of cabinets.

If you’re constructing or renovating an existing outdoor kitchen, it’s worth meeting with a professional lighting designer to discuss your goals for the space and what types of fixtures might be best suited to the environment. Keep in mind that outdoor fixtures will be exposed to wind, rain, and other weather conditions, so they should be designed to withstand these elements. You will also want to ensure any outlets are GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) rated to protect you and your guests from electrical shock.

While it’s fun to dream big, it’s important to be realistic about the budget for your outdoor kitchen. Knowing your budget at the beginning of the design process will help you make smart choices about which appliances and other features to include. It will also keep you from being tempted to overspend on your project.

A custom outdoor kitchen can add value to your home and enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space. It can also increase your culinary skills and expand your cooking horizons with a premium grill and other specialty appliances. It’s a worthwhile investment that combines convenience, entertainment, and increased property value into one enticing package.

When it comes to seating, there are many different options to consider, depending on how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen. For example, you might want to include a bar to serve drinks at gatherings. This can be a convenient way to keep the cook involved in the party, and it also eliminates the need to go back and forth from the kitchen inside the house to refill glasses or get more supplies.

You may also choose to create a seating area that surrounds the island or is separate from it. This option is great for homeowners who like to entertain but don’t have the space for a full dining room table. This seating area can be a cozy conversation spot for guests who enjoy sipping wine and chatting while the chef prepares dinner on the grill.

Storage space is another must-have feature for an outdoor kitchen. Whether you opt for built-in cabinetry or freestanding cabinets, having plenty of storage space will help to keep your kitchen organized and clean. Having somewhere to store trash cans is also an important consideration, as it will prevent them from blowing across your yard on windy days or encouraging wild animals to rummage through your yard.

Lighting is an important aspect to consider for your outdoor kitchen, as it will transform the space from day to night. You can choose to install recessed lights or sconces over the countertops to provide light for meal prep and serving.