Upholstery Cleaning Products and Tips

cleaningUpholstery Cleaning Riverside CA doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. If you know what you’re doing, the job can be a relatively simple one. Knowing what kind of fabric you have helps, as does knowing how you’ll clean it. However, having a few tips up your sleeve can really make a world of difference. Whether you want to protect your furniture from daily wear and tear, or you want to restore it’s original shine, following a few simple tips can make the job go a lot smoother.

The first step to take when cleaning your upholstered furniture is to identify your fabrics and their cleaning recommendations. For instance, synthetic fiber can usually be cleaned using most pet upholstery cleaning products, although leather is a little trickier, needing special cleaners. Cotton is a more forgiving fabric type, and you can usually use any pet product on it without any problems. In the case of leather, steer clear of any that contain animal ingredients, as they will definitely strip the leather of its natural oils. In the case of both synthetic and cotton fabrics, you should never spray any kind of cleaner directly onto your fabric, as this can lead to permanent damage. Instead, spray the cleaner into a spray bottle, and then apply it to the upholstery in small circular motions, making sure to cover the entire surface.

Next, let the upholstery dry for a few minutes. When leather furniture is wet, it takes longer to dry, and can become damaged if it is left in a warm, enclosed area for too long. You can speed up the drying process by setting up a few towels on the floor near the furniture and turning on the fan. It’s important not to leave the furniture in the room for too long, as the water can warp the upholstery quickly. Once the upholstery cleaning products have dried completely, you can now put the furniture back into the room, and continue to use the same cleaning techniques that you used prior to.

You can apply just about any common household cleaning product to your upholstered furniture, but the most common one that you will find is dish soap. Use a soft sponge or brush to scrub the stains gently. It’s important to remember to keep the soap away from the fabric itself, as any residue may leave a greasy residue on the fabric. Some other common household cleaners you can use are liquid fabric softener and rubbing alcohol. When you use any of these products on your upholstered furniture, it’s very important that you don’t leave them on the furniture for more than a few seconds, as they can stain the fabric.

If your car upholstery cleaning products don’t seem to be working as well as you would like, you can try using some of the other ingredients found in some of the more specialized cleaners. Typically, the best results come from soap, if only because soap is so easy to use and obtain. One of the easiest ways to test for the best results is by placing a drop of the cleaner on a white cloth and using the same cloth to rub off the soap from the fabric.

A very popular upholstery cleaning product is Scotchgard Fabric Softener. This spray will take off any stubborn stains you might have on your upholstery, including food stains from previous meals, grease stains, pet stains, as well as pet dander. Scotchgard fabric softener comes in a canister, and can be sprayed directly onto the affected area, or on the fabrics beneath the cushions if you are applying it to an existing couch. If you have carpeting installed, you need to spray the softener onto the carpeting first, then let it sit for a few minutes to make sure it sinks into the fabric, then simply vacuum up the dry dirt.

When it comes to cleaning upholstered furniture, you have many different options when it comes to potential stains and soiling. For example, a simple vacuum might not work on a couch that has grease stains on the back of the couch. In this case, you might want to consider an upholstery cleaning product that includes Scotchgard Fabric Softener on the vacuum bag. After blotting up the grease with paper towels, simply spray the Scotchgard Fabric Softener all over the couch, making sure to use as much as you need to clean up the stain.

Finally, no matter what type of furniture you own, pets can often create stains on the furniture. For this reason, many owners of expensive furniture choose to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service to deal with the problem. Hiring a professional is usually a good idea if your furniture gets worn out quickly, smells musty or otherwise becomes unhealthy and/or uncomfortable due to pet related damage. The upholstery cleaning professionals will be able to recommend different types of fabric softener and cleaner that are best suited to different types of fabric and furniture.